Who are my heroes? David Attenborough & Brian Blessed. Stephen Hawking, Monty Don; people that explore and just always make me feel the world is OK. I am inspired and enthralled my nature and animals (it is my scandi side) and these folk explain and make sense of it, in a way I understand and believe.  Throw in a bit of Bowie (I even have a pair of gold boots) and Marriane North, who, I've written about because she was a baddass Victorian who again, didn't really do what was expected. She climbed up mountains and treked through rainforests to discover and create.


These people are pioneers.I have a huge naked lady in my dining room at home, she's even in (gasp) chains, it's a fake Tamara de Lempika. She is magnificent and bold, she sits in a huge gold frame, her fakeness just adds to the audacity of her. She, like the original painting is frankly extraordinary. We all have meals under her. 


Lee Miller's photography I find utterly compelling, especially from the second World War. George Orwell can do little literary wrong in my eyes and I find Ernest Hemingway my go to place, he also wrote some beautiful poems, as did Ted Hughes and TS Elliot and Byron, walking in beauty like the night and Dylan's raging against the dying of the light. 


Frida Kahlo understood everything and there is a fabulous artist I've just come across called Dee Nickerson, who paints the life of my dreams. James Seow is a brilliant new print maker and where would we be without Picasso? Grayson Perry just gets it, he makes me giggle, I have a limited edition Kateboard and it makes me smile.

2018 Cherry Williams