Hello folks, 

I've been taking pics and writing since I was a little girl, it's just part of what makes me. My Gran was an artist, my uncle wrote poems and Mum and Dad are pretty good too. My other Gran and Mum took me to all sorts of art galleries and cultivated a bit of a passion. When I turned 18, I had the choice of a big party or a big present. I chose a camera which rather surprised everyone including myself because I really loved parties.

Scoot forward a few years and I studied History of Art for my degree with a specialisim in photography, where I fell in love with the likes of Lee Miller, Man Ray, Guy Bourdin. Afterwards I worked at the Barbican Art Gallery in the Press Office where my dilemma came to the fore. 

I loved words too, was good with them, won some competitions, felt like me, more than ever before. And when I liked an artist I was always interested in their story. And so my main course to date has been writing; magazine articles, poetry, short stories, features, blogs, social media, press, marketing, websites, newsletters, films, there is a novel in progress. Always alongside this work has been the images to complement my words and occasionally they take centre stage. I had some success with short films, which are just moving pictures after all.

But it's only quite recently that I've been bold enough and started to exhibit my creative work in more traditional spaces and galleries. My work can still be seen online and in print, but the thrill of having an exhibition has been wonderful and just the start of more to come I hope.

I am still the girl who chose the camera and I'm still the girl who writes. I guess you can be both and willfully ignore those that try and pigeon hole you. 

Quite simply do the thing that makes you feel most like you.

Rebel, rebel

2018 Cherry Williams